Fire basket
Italian wood burning oven fire basket

A brucialegna is quite simply the Italian word for a grate or fire basket. Its direct translation is 'wood burner'. A brucialegna is quite popularly used by many Italian wood oven chefs as it allows better air circulation for the burning embers. Another added benefit is that as the logs burn lumpwood charcoal is formed underneath which can then be removed with  the 'tirabrace' or ember remover. Anyone who has ever experienced real lumpwood charcoal barbecued food would admit it imparts a flavour somehow missing from the commercial-grade charcoal.

The brucialegna can be moved around and will not damage the oven floor as it has flat plate metal feet designed for this purpose. Manufactured in Italy from solid steel. Finished in heat resistant black paint.

Our brucialegna offers excellent value for money at just £38.

Measures in centimetres: 20W x 40L x 15H (approx. 8" x 16" x 6")