Wood fired oven kits


An easy-to-assemble Italian wood fired pizza oven, the PONZA garden oven by Linea VZ combines culinary tradition with Italian quality.

There is no need to paint the oven surface – manufactured from a special high-resistance refractory mixture containing granulated marble.

The PONZA oven package includes:

  • Black steel door with thermometer
  • Stainless steel chimney with rain cap

The inside cooking chamber is made from a high refractory material allowing very high temperatures to be reached enabling you to cook an authentic Neapolitan pizza in well under 2 minutes. With space for two 12 inch pizzas you can satisfy all your pizza party guests, when the oven cools you can roast meats, artisan breads and vegetable platters, even a casserole overnight!

 ASSEMBLED PRODUCT SIZE: W95 X D103 X H190 centimetres 

 OVEN COOKING CHAMBER: W56 X D61 X H36 centimetres 

The PONZA garden oven arrives palletised in pieces with full assembly instructions included. Two people can easily put it together in about 2 hours using the provided heat resistant glue. Hard standing level base required.

Click here to view the step-by-step photo guide.

 PALLET SIZE: 82 X 60 X H120 centimetres 


Let us present to you a pre-fabricated wood burning oven for the garden. The inside is made of refractory material with a high percentage of alumina; external dome, support, flue and chimney are made of concrete conglomerate. Endowed with thermal insulation in mineral wool and with a mouth arch in expanded brick-like coloured refractory material and stainless steel door with thermometer.


Overall height of 2.28 metres, 107cm wide and with a depth of 118cm, the Torino oven weighs 950kg.

Stovetop: 70cm x 70cm - Internal height: 35cm - Mouth dimension: 45cm

Cooking capacity: up to 3 pizzas diameter 30cm (12 inch).

A detailed plan of dimensions can be found by clicking here.

The TORINO GARDEN OVEN package consists of the following:

1 - base support made from concrete conglomerate

2 - concrete conglomerate slabs

3 - oven floor in refractory material

4 - refractory brick mouth arch

5 - flue outlet

6 - domes (flame arches) in refractory material

7 - rear wall in refractory material

8 - mineral wool insulation

9 - outside rear wall made from concrete conglomerate

10 - exterior domes made of concrete conglomerate

11 - flue with chimney

The oven is delivered on 2 oversized pallets and will arrive unassembled and unpainted. It contains everything you need for your garden oven project. All for just £1,745

 NEW MODEL JUST IN!   The Gran Torino garden oven is constructed to the same design but bigger, with a capacity for up to 5 x 12" pizzas. Only £2,300

Weight: 1060 Kg
Stovetop: 70cm x 105cm - Internal height: 35cm - Mouth dimension: 45cm

Note: comes on 3 pallets.